When you involve in art activities, it unlocks the doors for creativity. Artwork demands innovation, motivation, and courage which are the basis of art. The artwork is an attractive and healthy source of improving your community. When the group of people works together then, these characteristics became born due to sharing distinct skills and qualities. Because when people communicate and share their ideas to achieve something precious or valuable then, unlimited innovative ideas created that helps in improving any community regardless of any ethnic or race. Innovative art projects do not require VPN toggle (known for a manual option).

Innovative Art Projects Ways for Community’s Development

Let’s see how the artwork improves communities. Here we go with first one:

  • Neighborhood Post Card Project (US, Chile)

In 2013, an artist named as Hunter Franks worked with the youth in Bayview neighborhood of San Franciso, California. He asked them that what changes they envy for their neighborhood’s improvement, the youth told him that the most significant change we desired is to change the impression of people in Bayview, the area in the news mostly for wrong reasons. Then, the neighborhood postcard project came into existence. The project includes the collection of stories from cities, Santiago to Detroit’s residents of underinvested communities on the postcard and sent to random people in the same city to abolish the stereotypes and develop a new community connection.

  • Community Supported Art (US, Canada)

The building of a direct connection between community and artist that is simple, organic and fun, is not difficult as we suppose.

Look at the model working in the adjacent field. The Modeled on Community supported agriculture, in which people buy seasonal organic goods directly from the local farms, community supported Art commission artists to build original work and sold as the shares to concerned collectors. Hence, artists and the buyers work together like parties and therefore, develop a connection between members of community and artists that works beyond the expectation of the project. Now, this program exists in forty neighborhoods in the US and beyond the US.