Our Activities

The fabulous MakerMobile can bring the inspiring environment, knowledgeable instructors and equipment to your special event!

Our event package pricing includes your choice of one or two Exploration activities. Project activities include take-home treasure and have an additional fee per student for the kit(s) required. Kit fees for events are discounted 35% from the retail price.

We can also customize an activity, workshop or learning experience to meet your needs. Please contact us for more details and check our Upcoming Events for scheduled public workshops.

Exploration Activities
  • Squishy Circuits
  • Brushbots
  • 3D Printing Interactive
  • Fun with Felting
  • Pop Bottle Racers
  • Makey Makey
Project Activities
  • Needle Felted Mushroom
  • TV-b-Gone
  • Duct Tape Wallets
  • Duct Tape Roses
  • Intro to Soldering - LED Badge-making
  • Pop Bottle Racers
  • Intro to Circuits - Infrared LED Throwie
  • Intro to Circuits - Copper Tape Art
  • Soft Circuits - LED Wristband

In addition to these event activity packages, we offer an expanding range of courses and workshops. Prices for these vary depending on subject matter, instructor/s and duration. In courses and workshops, participants have a chance to experience a particular craft or technology in more depth and with a focused learning goal. Areas covered include electronics, robotics, programming, felting, wearable electronics, fabrics and materials, functional art, tools and techniques, physics, chemistry and forensics. If you have a specific requirement for a workshop, please contact us to find out if we have one, or can design one, to suit your needs. Otherwise, watch our newsletters, calendar and Twitter feed to see when open courses are announced!

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