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  1. Valerie Allemekinders

    This is so exciting!
    Will your wonderful team ever come to Vancouver Island?

    • I was in Tofino a couple weeks ago and was thinking how great it would be to bring the MM to the Island. Not sure we would get that far but I have been thinking about maybe doing a spring tour to Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox. It will depend on a lot of other factors but the seed of the idea has been planted!

  2. do you guys ever come out to Abbotsford or Langley??

    • We’re only just starting up, so it’s hard to say what our ‘normal’ is! Drop us an email and let’s talk about your situation and your needs.

  3. We live near Duncan - would love if you came here - I can help organize with our community here - would love for my Self Design kids to be inspired by what you are offering - thankyou

  4. can any child take part in the Dec 14-15 x-mas mobile maker project?? Is the maker mobile taking part in something in particular at the Van convention centre?

  5. wonderful - will volunteer tomorrow

  6. Do you have space in electronics

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