MM in two places at once!

If you were watching our twitter, you’ll have noticed something odd over the weekend. We were simultaneously at the Whistler Children’s Festival and also at the library in Creston! How is this possible?

The MakerMobile itself was in the BC interior where Farrell was playing a series of events in different towns. This was a smaller scale version of our highly successful 2016 Summer Grand Tour of BC. Hosted by each town’s library, Farrell offered a Mini Maker Mashup of hands-on creative activities, including Squishy Circuits exploration, 3D printing, geodesic dome construction and introductory Arduino classes, to name a few!

Meanwhile Simon, Zee and Alethea headed up to Whistler by car where they offered Art-Bot making workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Art-Bots are simple vibro-bots that buzz around leaving coloured trails behind them. They are a great introduction to engineering for younger kids, featuring electric motors, simple circuits and concepts of vibration, balance and movement. Every one is different and the kids really enjoy customizing them and giving them a unique personality!

All told, it was a busy weekend for MakerMobile and a successful one too, with lots of happy customers walking away with a smile on their face and something in their hands that they had designed and made themselves. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about 🙂

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