Exploration Activities

These are open learning activities where attendees can participate for any amount of time they choose. Exploration activities rarely result in a completed take home project, but activity kits can be purchased to continue the exploration at home.

For activities that result in a completed project so kids get to take-home cool treasure, see our list of Project activities.

Squishy Circuits
squishy circuits

  • This all ages hand-on activity engages everyone from 3 to 103! Explore shape, colour and simple circuits using homemade conductive dough, LEDs and batteries.
  • Students get to let their creativity flow by designing their own small robot which they then build with craft supplies provided and power it up with a simple circuit and vibrating motor.
  • All ages.
3D Printing Interactive
  • Witness first-hand the wonder that is 3D printing!
Fun with Felting
  • Using the wet-felting technique, students explore shape and texture by make felted wool shapes which can then be turned into beads or pins.
  • All ages.
Pop Bottle Racers
  • Students turn a pop bottle into a race car that runs on pressurized air, then it’s off to the races where they race their cars against each other and try to think of ways to make their racer faster.
  • All ages.
Makey Makey
  • Students get to experience the fun of  the “Makey Makey”, a device that easily turns other objects into interactive fun like turning a banana into a piano!
  • All ages.

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