Project Activities

These are project oriented activities where attendees learn new skills and make something cool to take home. 

Event package pricing includes your choice(s) from the Exploration activities which are open learning activities. If you select a Project activity from the list below, there will be an extra per-student charge for the project kit. Kits will be provided at a 35%  discount when supplied as part of an event.

Needle Felted Mushroom

  • Who knew you could create art projects out of stabbing wool with a needle? Needle felting is super fun, super easy, and a super stress reliever!  All you need is a needle, some wool, foam and patience.
  • Ages 9+
  • The TV-B-Gone is a simple project for anyone with basic electronic soldering skills. Running off two AA batteries, it’s a small electronic device which transmits a lot of infra-red power codes. Enough, in fact, to switch off virtually any model of TV you might encounter! This will either make you into a super-villain or a super-hero.
  • Learn about printed circuit boards, electronic construction techniques and how to solder.
  • Ages 15+.
Duct Tape Wallets



  • Explore alternative mediums by creating a wallet using durable patterned duct tape!
Duct Tape Roses


  • One of the main awesome projects you can make with duct tape. Show your love and your DIY skills with the flower that never wilts!
  • Ages 8+
Pop Bottle Racers
  • Students turn a pop bottle into a race car that runs on pressurized air, then it’s off to the races where they race their cars against each other and try to think of ways to make it racer faster.
  • All ages.
Intro to Circuits - Infrared LED Throwie
  • Learn about electric current, circuits and infrared signals. Build a magnetic LED with an infrared receiver so you can make it flash with any remote control. No soldering necessary!
  • Ages 7+
Intro to Circuits - Copper Tape Art
  • Learn about electric current, circuits and switches. Use copper tape to create a circuit that is also a drawing and bring it to life with LEDs and a battery.
  • Ages 6+
Soft Circuits - LED Wristband

  • Create a wearable electronic artwork by sewing conductive thread and LED’s into your custom felted wristband!
  • Ages 13+
Intro to Soldering - LED Badge-making
  • Learn about electrical circuits and soldering electronic parts together. Use your new skills to solder together a simple circuit for a badge that lights up with LEDs and a battery.
  • Ages 10+
Sew & Glow Soft Circuit Kit

  • Learn to stitch l.e.d’s lights into your clothes using conductive thread!
  • No soldering involved!
  • Ages 8+

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