Squishy Circuits Starter Kit / $15

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Developed by the University of St. Thomas, this conductive play-dough recipe allows kids 3+ to experiment with electricity safely and creatively!

Explore shape, colour and simple circuit designs using homemade dough and LEDs. Fun for grown ups too (yes, seriously!)

MakerMobile’s Squishy Circuit Starter Kit includes: 10 superbright LEDs (red, yellow, green, blue, orange), 4 alkaline AA batteries, a specially customized battery holder with added contacts and safety resistor, the dry ingredients for one batch of dough, and full instructions to get you started in the wonderful world of electricity.

You only need to supply a splash of food colouring. Gotta make that dough brightly coloured!

Safety Note: All dough ingredients are food grade. However, please do not allow very young children to play unattended in case they decide to put the LEDs in their mouth!


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