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MakerMobile is recruiting this summer

We need an energetic and motivated person to join us on our Grand Tour of BC, which will be taking place between July 10th and August 6th. We’ve partnered with two library federations to visit 19 towns in north-central and north-eastern BC, bringing tons of maker fun and hands-on tech education to communities who will really appreciate and benefit from it. We’ll be offering programs for kids, teens and youth so we expect a real mix of content and customers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person to get valuable experience in the ‘maker education’ (a.k.a. STEM/STEAM) field. The job will pay a modest hourly rate, plus accommodation and a food allowance. You’ll walk away from this one-of-a-kind experience having seen a lot of beautiful BC and with cash in your pocket, plus you’ll give your resume a valuable boost.

We’ll be taking two vehicles with us … the MakerMobile truck (obviously) and a very comfortable, smooth, quiet and air conditioned Toyota Camry hybrid, allowing us to take turns driving and rack up the miles in comfort!

The person we’re looking for could be a teacher or a student with an interest or experience in technology, design, fixing and making things. However, you don’t have to come from any particular field (eg tech ed.) or background … we’re interested in what you can do, not necessarily in what certificates you can show us. If you are a maker, tinkerer, hacker, designer or creative person of any stripe, who likes to be around people and has a strong interest in skills sharing, we’d love to talk to you, so drop us (‘team’) an email at to begin the conversation. The role includes:

  • Hosting and facilitating workshops
  • Taking photos and videos of the events
  • General assistance and problem-solving
  • Sharing in the driving

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And beyond …

Looking further ahead, we’d love to find someone to join our team on an ongoing basis. This is not a salaried position - it’s an opportunity for someone with a self-employed mindset - and who is committed to STEM education - to design and deliver educational content through the MakerMobile platform, and to work with us to recognize and develop opportunities. This does not need to be full time, so you can continue doing what you’re doing as, together, we build MakerMobile into an even bigger success than it is currently. Want to make a career out of STEM education? Talk to us about making it a reality!

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  1. Hello Simon,

    This looks utterly fantastic!

    In fact I’m in the process of looking for a vehicle so that I can drive around British Columbia in the summer.

    I am a maker, and currently I’m focused on laser-cutters…My projects have included laser-cut book covers (with hand bound paper pages), boxes with living hinges, birthday cards and even business cards made out of ultra-thin mahogany veneer.

    I’m also an artist and a writer. I have made numerous wire sculptures of animals, and I am developing a comic-book about a post apocalyptic future in the hope of raising awareness about climate change.

    Again, I’ve been planning a trip around BC for quite some time now…and I’ve been constantly thinking about how I can sustain my desire for adventure by making art and doing what I love.

    I would greatly appreciate feedback on how I can apply for this position.



  2. Breanna Martindale

    I would love to take part in this road trip, I don’t know if it is too late or not. But I would love to! I’m always eager to learn and gain new experiences, I love helping others. I just graduated from high school. If you have any spots or details, I would love to hear from you! 🙂 I would love to know how to apply.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Breanna,

      Sorry but we just hired someone. However, we are loving your enthusiasm and would like to talk to you about other opportunities. Why not drop us (‘team’) an email at so we can continue the conversation?

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