Soft Circuits Ultrabright LED Upgrade

Your Soft Circuits kit contains extra components - resistors - which need to be attached to each of your LEDs. The resistors reduce the electric current flowing through each LED, helping your batteries to last much longer while putting out much MORE light than the old-type LEDs …. magic!

Grab your LEDs, your resistors, a pair of fine-nosed pliers and let’s get started.

1. Take one LED and bend the longer leg outwards. While using the pliers to hold this lead together with a resistor lead near the LED, wind the resistor lead around the LED’s lead as shown.


2. Hook the end of the LED lead over the last turn of the other lead. This will prevent the two leads from sliding apart. Squeeze the hooked part with the pliers to hold it in place.


3. Repeat this process for any other LEDs, making each one into an LED+resistor combo.

You can now follow the instructions that came with your kit to build up your circuit and attach it to a garment. The long lead of each LED is still the long lead - it’s even longer now because it incorporates a resistor! Treat the LED+resistor combo exactly as you would a lone LED and you’ll be soft-circuiting (not short-circuiting ;-))in no time!


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