It’s been a busy week!

We were fortunate to be invited to be a part of the Delta Libraries’  anniversary celebrations and last Saturday the MakerMobile spent the day at two of the Delta libraries. In the morning we hung out at Tsawwassen and after lunch we headed north to Ladner Pioneer library. The folks at both places were tremendously friendly and helpful but unfortunately, just as we were walking up to the door of the Ladner library, the lights went out! The library had been hit by a storm-related power outage which lasted until just 40 minutes before our shift ended. The library itself had to close but we had a steady trickle of visitors nonetheless, some passers-by and some would-be library customers. We had enough natural light from our skylight that we didn’t need to run the generator (no, we don’t have a powerful solar power system yet!) We ran two activities: the ever-popular Squishy Circuits and our Pop Bottle Racers - simple air-jet powered cars that kids can quickly build from a kit of parts and then race outside. Good times on a rainy day!

On Wednesday we spent the day as guests of the SelfDesign Learning Community (check out their website: We met some really interesting young people and we tried very hard to blow their minds with a long menu of activities from dismantling and investigating technological items to circuit-making with conductive ink, pop bottle racers, radio direction finding, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and Arduino and of course (you guessed it) … Squishy Circuits. Seriously though: it’s always a hit and it’s always fun for us!

Anyway, we just wanted to share a gallery of photos from these events so you can see how much fun everyone had. Enjoy!

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