TV-b-Gone Kit

“With great power comes great responsibility…”

The TV-b-gone is a simple project for anyone with basic electronic soldering skills (and a soldering iron suitable for electronic work … NOT a soldering gun). Running off two AA batteries, it’s a small electronic device which transmits a lot of infra-red power codes. Enough, in fact, to switch off virtually any model of TV you might encounter! This will either make you into a super-villain or a super-hero. Please, use your new-found power to improve society rather than just annoying people!


This open-source kit was originally developed by Adafruit Industries in collaboration with Cornfield Electronics.  Don’t forget to check out the other great kits and goodies that Adafruit offers.

Note: Unlike Adafruit’s kits, ours are running the latest version 2 firmware. Nobody else is offering these yet!

The Builder’s Guide is here and the User Guide is here … Enjoy!

4 comments on “TV-b-Gone Kit
  1. Steven says:


    Is there a firmware hex download available for version 2 of the TV-B-Gone?


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