Time to Build a TV-b-Gone !

One of the MakerMobile founders, Simon (that’s me), is going to be hosting a build night at the Vancouver Hackspace where anyone can come and have fun constructing their own TV-b-Gone. If you’re not sure what a TV-b-Gone is or what it does (the name is a bit of a hint!), have a look at our TV-b-Gone page - it’s one of the kits we offer here at MM.

This event is aimed at those who have done some electronic soldering before. If you haven’t, but you are determined to come to the workshop, you should come down to the VHS on a Tuesday or Thursday (open nights) and ask someone to get you up to speed. Otherwise you risk ruining your project while learning a basic skill. Soldering is fun and satisfying. It’s not hard to do, but it does take a little practice to become proficient. Plus it’s an excuse to visit the hackers’ paradise that is VHS! If you can’t make it to this workshop, join our mailing list and you’ll know about the next one as soon as it is announced.

The cost for this event is $25 including the kit itself. It’s a pretty good deal considering these normally retail for $20 plus shipping from the US from the people who originally developed it (This is an open-source project, which means that the designs and the software code are free for anyone to enjoy and use!) Only 10 places are available on this course, so register now by filling in the form below!

When: 7:00pm arrival and orientation for 7:30pm start Thursday 31 Jan 2013. Please don’t be late !!

Where: Vancouver Hackspace, 45W Hastings St. Vancouver (Access from back, enter alley from Abbott St. If you need someone to meet you and walk you from the street to the Space, phone 778 330 1234 and we’ll come down and get you).

Why: Do you actually enjoy watching wrestling while you eat? Yeah. Thought not.

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