Raspberry Pi Courses and Workshops Announced

Great news - we have two 4-week courses for teens and a free one-hour workshop, which is open to everyone, in Sunset Community Centre’s spring flyer! See below for registration links.

The workshop is to introduce the Raspberry Pi as a low cost, power- and space-efficient computing platform for anyone who needs a computer. This event is free, although donations are always welcome, and pre-registration is required either online at vancouver.ca or in person at Sunset C.C. (6810 Main St. Vancouver)

The course is a four-week hands-on introduction to programming concepts with a dash of electronics to allow the Raspberry Pi computer to interface with and control things in the ‘real’ world. It’s inspired by the highly successful Hacking the Home camp we co-produced with VIVO media arts last August.

Should be a lot of fun! Only 10 places, but there are two runs of the course currently scheduled.


Free One-Hour Workshop, open to everyone!

Register for May 24 Workshop

We are also planning an introductory level course in electronics (6 weeks) and a hands-on guided exploration of Arduino for beginners (4 weeks) - posters will be out soon. We want to get these courses running at multiple venues, so please help us to spread the word and talk to your local community centre, library, youth group, neighbourhood house etc and let them know that these courses are available and in demand!

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