MakerMobile helping make Wonder of Reading a reality

Our own Farrell is involved in the Wonder of Reading project, a local initiative that aims to introduce young children to books, and to the opportunities for learning and enjoyment that they bring. Several hundred child-sized bookshelves will shortly be delivered to Vancouver families and today the MakerMobile transported the lumber to John Oliver school, where students will help us by cutting the 8′x4′ sheets into smaller segments. These will then be taken to the workshop of where the bookshelf components will be laser cut using Farrell’s design and assembled into kits. We moved about 2000 square feet of plywood today - enough to make over 200 bookshelf kits. Thanks to Dick’s Lumber for giving us a great deal and enabling us to help more families!

To find out more about the Wonder of Reading project, visit


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2 comments on “MakerMobile helping make Wonder of Reading a reality
  1. barb smethurst says:

    that’s fantastic

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