MakerMobile collaborates with VIVO Media Arts!

MakerMobile was delighted when VIVO Media Arts asked us if we could help them teach their “Hacking the Home” Camp. This unusual and original week-long day camp for kids aged 13-18 took place at the beginning of August and revolved around the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. Simon of MakerMobile collaborated with the very talented Brady Marks to design a programme of activities and explorations covering simple programming, computer skills, basic electronics and hardware interfacing. Feedback from the camp participants was very positive and everyone had a blast discovering some of the secrets of the hardware and software worlds. Some of the projects that went on display on the final day included:

  • An alarm clock that wakes you by physically opening your window blinds
  • A system that uses a laser beam to detect your entry into a room and plays music of your choice
  • A security system that detects intruders and uses a synthesized voice to communicate with them.
  • A skateboard with a remote-control LED lighting system

MakerMobile is now acquiring its own class set of Raspberry Pi and Arduino hardware and, since we will soon be offering a range of open courses, this camp was a great opportunity for us to test some of our teaching ideas. Thanks to everyone at VIVO, especially Megan, for making this event so much fun for everyone!



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