Our Photo and Video Policy

It’s essential for us to be able to show the world what we’re doing and we try to capture video and still images at as many of our events as we can.

Please be advised that if you or your child is participating in an open-enrolment course or workshop, you or they may appear in images of the event on our website or social media.

The best images for us are those which show everybody having a good time, and most of the images we use show multiple people in the same shot. We wouldn’t select images that we consider unflattering, and we would never publish names of minors without explicit written parental consent.

If this all sounds fine to you, and you don’t expect any financial or other compensation, then we’re done!

If on the other hand you really don’t want your image (or that of your son or daughter) to be used, please email us (team) at MakerMobile.org and let us know. We will of course respect your wishes.

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