MakerMobile at first UBC Maker Camp

Last week was Maker Camp at UBC. This week-long event, organized by Dave Ng of the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory, included a host of creative activities for 24 lucky kids. As well as working on their Rube Goldberg machines during the week, each day presented a new mini-project or activity. They learned about Scratch programming on the Raspberry Pi, built theremins and even motorized submarines! On Friday morning, MakerMobile arrived to do the final activity of the week. We built our Secret Alarm Tripwire (our new kit that was a smash hit at Maker Faire this year) with the kids. Everyone got a tripwire alarm to take home and install on their bedroom, locker, desk drawer, secret hidey-hole etc. After the build we strung up 12 of the almost-invisible tripwires around a zigzag course, turned the lights down and closed the blinds, and had a race for prizes. There was some pretty creative ninja footwork! Long story short: a good time was had by all … here are some photos we took (you can see more, and find out more about the camp, at Thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen!

Maker Camp IMGP1791

Maker Camp IMAGE_168
Maker Camp IMGP1822

Maker Camp IMGP1805

Maker Camp IMGP1793

Maker Camp IMGP1810

Maker Camp IMGP1817

Maker Camp IMGP1819

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