MakerMobile urgently needs parking in Vancouver

makermobile_2048We have a serious problem.

Onni, the developers who were leasing a plot of land to our friend Edward the aquaponic farmer, decided to evict him without notice last week. And we lost our parking as a result.

MakerMobile is 25 feet long, which means that if we park it on city streets for more than a few hours, we are liable to be towed. This happened a few months ago and was a huge headache for us as it resulted in damage, ICBC involvement and a lot of running around.

Our number one requirement is, and always has been, legal - and preferably fenced - off-street parking.

If we don’t secure another suitable parking spot soon, our continued existence could be in jeopardy. The MakerMobile is an asset that has taken significant effort and investment to develop. We want it to be safe from thieves and graffiti artists. We also need it to be reasonably easy for us to get to, which means it needs to be parked in Vancouver, not Chilliwack. So far we’ve been able to park the truck in the loading bay of the Vancouver Hackspace, for which we are very grateful. But we don’t want to wear out our welcome there.

We don’t need a place where we can run events and workshops out of the truck - although we would certainly love to have that as an option. We really just need a safe and preferably fenced off-street parking spot, and to be able to get access whenever we need to.

So today we are officially launching our appeal for a safe and legal parking space in Vancouver. Please spread the word far and wide, and rack your brains … do you know a business owner who might be sympathetic to our cause? If so, please mention this to them - and follow up with them too. Somewhere there must be a parking spot that can accommodate our little yellow truck! MakerMobile is a Vancouver original and we are doing our best to make it a local success story, but right now we really need your help.


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  3. Suggestions:

    Ask Modo if it would obtain 2 city parking spaces for you?

    Ask Omni to sponsor you with space on one of its properties, and you put Omni’s logo on the vehicle.

    Ask a school (or school board) to let you park there?

    • Thanks Dave. We’ve already tried school boards and I really don’t think the city will allocate spaces to modo for use other than by modo. Who are Omni?

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