New Kit!

Our newest kit is the DIY Soft Circuit Kit! Sew & Glow any project you choose with this DIY Soft Circuit kit! This kit includes: Conductive thread, one 2032 coin cell battery, sewable battery holder, 2 needles & 3 leds for your stitching pleasure. led’s available in a variety of colors.

MakerMobile at Anniversary Kick Off for Delta Libraries

  Join MakerMobile this Saturday, September 28th, at the Kick Off party for Celebrating Delta Libraries! They’re celebrating milestone anniversaries at three of the Delta Libraries starting this Saturday until October 26th. We’ll be doing fun science and physics based activities open to everyone! 10:00am-12:30pm at Tsawwassen Library, 1321A - … Continue reading


Our very own Zee will be hosting a series of workshops at ViVo Media Arts for Teen 13-18 September through December. 2 classes=1 session for $80. Stop Motion Animation Work in small teams to create a stop motion video. Learn about frame rates, character construction and storyboards. Final product is a … Continue reading

Making Jewellery from Surplus Electronics

On Wednesday night, Zee and Simon played around with a new idea of ours - using surplus electronic components to create interesting and unique art pieces. Electronic parts look cool and have a wide range of textures, colours and sizes making them perfect for crafting. We think it’s better to … Continue reading

MakerMobile collaborates with VIVO Media Arts!

MakerMobile was delighted when VIVO Media Arts asked us if we could help them teach their “Hacking the Home” Camp. This unusual and original week-long day camp for kids aged 13-18 took place at the beginning of August and revolved around the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. Simon of MakerMobile collaborated … Continue reading

First MakerMobile “Fox Hunt” announced for July 20th


Don’t worry, it’s not an English-style hunt involving cruelty to animals. Our ‘fox’ is the crafty Mr Farrell Segall, broadcasting a low-power radio signal from a secret location. Starting from Queen Elizabeth park, and armed with a direction-finding radio receiver, the participants will set off by bike, transit or car … Continue reading

Summer workshops and camps!

We’re happy to announce our first batch of scheduled workshops! There will be more, so stay tuned and keep in the loop by joining our newsletter list or following us on Twitter. Follow @MakerMobile Needle Felted Mushroom Workshop Who knew you could create art projects out of stabbing things with … Continue reading