Slide Rule to Sci-Fi Exhibit, plus Raspberry Pi 101

Come and join us for an exhibit that encompasses 40 years of computing technology. Experience working examples of devices from the 70′s to today, taking in such landmarks as the Apple II, TRS-80 and original PalmPilot … up to Raspberry Pi and Google Glass. See how humans used to live! … Continue reading

Ham Radio + Electronics Course

Our own Farrell (here cleverly disguised as the next Dr. Who) has announced a rather interesting and unique course that starts next Wednesday, September 17th. Over 14 Wednesday evenings he will get you ready to take the exam to obtain your amateur radio operator’s license (upon passing, you’ll be issued … Continue reading

Zee’s Tiny Community Centre

I am so enthralled with mobile spaces that I decided to take the concept to a new level: Introducing the Tiny Community Centre project! More info: Phase 1: The Tiny House Building Workshop Series pairs trades workers, architects and artists with workshop participants interested in learning how to source, identify and … Continue reading

Maker Faire 2014: Fisheye Pics

I made a usable version of my homebrew fisheye lens at 2am on Sunday morning, so I was able to take it with me for the second day of Maker Faire. The hardware consists of a large bi-concave lens salvaged from an old rear projection TV, mounted in a whisky … Continue reading

Book a Free Raspberry Pi Intro Workshop

We want to do our part to spread the word about the Raspberry Pi and show everyone how it can provide a cheap, power-efficient and ultra compact platform for everyday computing. So we’re offering you the chance to have the MakerMobile team pay you a visit this summer. You’ll be … Continue reading

Got Pi? Where to get your Raspberry Pi and related knick-knacks

Lots of people are asking us where they can get a Raspberry Pi - the super-cheap, super-small, super-energy-efficient computer - and how much it costs. The main distributor in Canada is Newark Element14. They are part of the Element14 Group, who actually produce the Pi in collaboration with RS Components … Continue reading